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Quick Start Marketing Package - Only $579 for Limited Time

What is The Deluxe Quick Start Marketing Package

You will receive a high-level branding strategy, catchy tag lines, & clear marketing messages. We include real market analysis and tools you can use for every place you need marketing, advertising and promotion of you, your product and services!  With simple cut & paste, you have the nicely crafted custom content you need to quickly & effectively increase client engagement...getting to your first sales that much quicker!

Lyfe Wurks eliminates the excuses and hesitation you may be feeling. While we work on our specialty, you have more time to focus on that dream product or service development!   

Get ready to turn your vision into reality!
As a result of getting your Quick Start Marketing Package

Lyfe Wurks  truly understand that starting a business takes courage, innovation, confidence and help. Take advantage of this highly discounted offer. Our Graphic Designers, Public Relations and Marketing Specialists are on standby for our highly anticipated discounted package. 

Quick Start Package has a $1,697 value

 We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs with Million Dollar ideas and a passion to create a business, but they never get out the starting block. Why? Two Main Reasons:

1)  Don't know how or where to start

At Lyfe Wurks we help Entrepreneurs in the launch phase & every stage after.

2) Lack  of start-up funds

Tax refund season is the perfect time to Invest into dream. Plus it's a business tax write-off

Limited Spots and Limited Time

Quick Start Marketing Package

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 Limited Spots for A Limited Time 

Quick Start Package FAQ's

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What makes this Lyfe Wurks most popular package every year?

 We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs with Million Dollar ideas and a passion to create a business, but they never get out the starting block. Why? Two Main Reasons:

1)  Don't know how to start.  Exhaustion and an overwhelmed feeling takes over as you begin working on the parts of the business that are not enjoyable and take time away from product/service development

2) Lack  of start-up funds.  Money will be required to start your business. Tax Refund time is typically when individuals receive a chunk of disposable income they normally would not see. Reserve a portion of this tax refund because it is an investment and Don't Forget, a business tax write-off.

How do I secure my place and get started?

 We schedule quick starts on first come, first served. The process will begin after full payment is made, you will receive an email to complete a survey on you and your million-dollar idea, you will then set up your one-on-one with the Marketing Expert (scroll below)  and will need to gather the information from the What' Next pdf. (scroll below)

What if I have additional online marketing needs not included in the Quick Start Package?

 Be sure to mention ALL your concerns and needs during your time with our marketing expert. We will provide you the information and pricing for any add-ons available. You can always add on our regular priced services offered. See our Service section on the website

What about digital and online marketing?

Lyfe Wurks specializes in Digital Marketing, however, those are not included in the Quick Start Package. If you would like to add some digital assets, we offer a discounted starter services. You may Add-On the following discounted digital:

· $497 A full 1-Page/4-Tab Informational Website

· $397 Creation of 2-3 platform Social Media & 30-day calendar

How many revisions do I receive?

 You will receive 2 post-production revisions. You will receive a draft before we complete the work. Please review carefully, so adjustments can be made early in the process.

How long will it take for me to receive my quick start package?

Due to the high-volume and popularity of this package, we will typically be completed within 3 weeks after your one-on-one has been completed. If you have add-ons, revisions, delays in getting requested items, time could be extended.

How will I receive my finished package?

 The finished package and Freebies will come as a digital file that is emailed to you. You can from there create as many color prints as you want.

What if I want to edit throughout the year?

 The best part about the Quick Start package is you can make small edits and add information any time you want. The file is in an editable format. Don’t forget to spell check!

What's Next? - Download

Quick Start What's Next List (pdf)


One-on-One With Marketing Expert