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Good Listens

meet your host jaye marie


Jaye Marie tells you all about the podcast and what's in store for Just Add Water  

give yourself a break


Most doers and over-achievers are so hard on themselves. This episode helps us to forgive ourselves and creates and plan for accountability

propelling my best lyfe


Are you living your best lyfe yet? What are you waiting for? We find many people do not know what their best lyfe is. Listen in and catapult yourself to the next level.

tricks to motivation


We are good for spurts of energy and a high level of activity, but how do we maintain that level of action. Listen to this episode for tips and tricks.

financial happiness


tapping into your savings again? There are better ways to finance your dreams and make it happen. Listen to this episode for some valuable resources you can find in your area

truest form of joy


What does true JOY look like for you? Do you even know? When was the last time you experienced true joy? Take a listen to this episode for some amazing insight on the subject of joy.