Impact Marketing | Solution Oriented

Impact Marketing | Solution Oriented

Impact Marketing | Solution OrientedImpact Marketing | Solution Oriented


Drive the advancement of entrepreneurship using a holistic concentration on an individual's life and work balance to achieve financial growth and longevity.  

We accomplish our mission through market research, unique strategic solutions, and simple implementation techniques. 

We service the Public-Private Sector, State & Federal Government Contracts.

At Our Core


Market REsearch

 Lyfe Wurks’ business development consists of our holistic business strategy. 

The approach is simple: 

Research | Strategy | Execution

The Implementation of each is where we take a careful deep-dive, utilize our expertise and employ a growth approach: 

- Research (industry trends and unmet needs)

- Strategy (creatively match the research with company goals)

- Execution (through a custom Plan of Action)


Generate custom strategy

 Connect Research to Goals: After we compile all the research and data collected, we can now devise a multi-level strategy in the areas of product offering, sales development, lead procurement, digital marketing, and attaining revenue goals.



A custom plan of action is put together based on research collected, evaluation of current and past successes and running competitor analysis and compiling a Go list of open opportunities. Implementation is done in phases and carefully evaluated for quick adjustments and modifications. Data is captured to monitor the effectiveness of each new program.

Meet The Founder

Jacinta Walker


Jacinta "Jaye" Walker has a degree in Marketing from Towson University and a Master’s in Business from The University of Maryland University College. Jaye has vast corporate work experience in Finance, Event Management, Marketing and Branding for industries like Bio-Technology, Radio Broadcast, Sports Marketing for Washington DC professional sports teams as well as running a family-owned Mortgage-Broker Firm. 

The window into the nuances of small businesses vs corporate world gave Jaye Marie the opportunity to look at companies from a unique perspective beyond growth concepts, sale funnels, marketing strategies, technology essentials, branding and company commonalities.

Drawing from her personal 8-year entrepreneur journey experiences, she began looking at businesses from a holistic viewpoint. In developing her own business in a competitive market, she understood that business was more than just numbers and sales. A business is someone’s life work. 

This was the catalyst for creating Lyfe Wurks, using the unique perspective of integrating methodologies from proven systems and holistic coaching to help entrepreneurs, like herself, work their passion into the reality of their life.

She founded Jay Marie LLC in 2011, a business consulting company and rebranded to Lyfe Wurks in 2018. She has a passion for helping others to help themselves and her prayer is to be a Transformation Agent where she operates her lyfe's wurks' in full excellence and integrity so others can see the Spirit of God in her and in the way she conducts business. She does this every day by serving her community, employees, contractors, partners, prospects, customers, friends and family.

In her spare time, Jacinta enjoys listening to live music, traveling the world and trying out a new restaurant around town.


Jacinta Walker

Founder of Jay Marie LLC 

dba Lyfe Wurks

Join Our Team

fREElance & Collaborate

fREElance & Collaborate

fREElance & Collaborate


Lyfe Wurks provides B2B support. In addition, we seek to collaborate with other business professionals & freelancers which helps expand our service capabilities.  2020- Let's collaborate!


fREElance & Collaborate

fREElance & Collaborate


 PUBLIC RELATIONS Freelance work in PR and promotions for product & service release & launch, author & entertainers, and new development projects. 


fREElance & Collaborate

Technical WRITER/Grant writer


 VIRTUAL ASSISTANT 10 - 15 hours per week in content writing, editing, bookkeeping, database updates, administrative work.  Knowledget in business practices, marketing, branding a plus.

Technical WRITER/Grant writer

Technical WRITER/Grant writer

Technical WRITER/Grant writer



Freelance grant, proposal, and/or technical writers. Must have a proven track record of winning bids For-Profit and Non-Profit entities. 

content writer

Technical WRITER/Grant writer

african american publication


CONTENT WRITER - Do you have a passion for writing engaging, persuasive & informative editorials. Experience with newsletters and various email platforms? Great connect with us today!

african american publication

Technical WRITER/Grant writer

african american publication


AFRICAN AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNERS Agents, Representatives, and Community Organizations in all 50 States to join a NATIONAL business listing. Help others to easily locate and buy from you!  Take our survey first.